COMING SOON Raspberry LXRY TEA -  750mL Bottle

COMING SOON Raspberry LXRY TEA - 750mL Bottle

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Tea leaves chosen from top tea gardens, brewed strongly, and fused with an intense flavor


Flavor Profile

Very sweet, bold, rich flavor leading to a full bodied taste with just a sip


Food Pairing Recommendations

Warm sour dough bread, garlic bread sticks, smoked cheese and cured meat platter, aged parmesan cheese, Caesar salad, top sirloin steak, New York style cheese cake, hot fudge brownie, dark chocolate cake

A powerful flavor that pairs well with strong foods or provides perfect contrast with certain dishes. 



750 ml – Perfect to share with a few loved ones over dinner- or to treat yourself after a long week. Contains aprox 5 wine glasses.


More Info

Material: Glass

Serve: Chilled

Store: Refrigerate immediately when received

Form: Liquid

Alcohol content: 0 Alcohol

Caffeine:  Low