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About Us

LXRY Tea is an unforgettable flavor that provides you with a one of a kind experience. Our Classic flavor is our forefront flavor that introduces to you the taste of luxury. Our tea is a special craft of chosen tea leaves sourced from only the top producing tea gardens around the world. 

Our tea is brewed with a precise lengthened amount of time which enriches the taste. To further awaken the flavor we infuse many of earth's natural spices and herbs into our blend. It is then sweetened with pure cane sugar and all natural stevia for a bold and sweet taste unlike anything out there. 

After chilled and poured into a wine glass LXRY Tea rests as a golden brown. It makes for a special meal complement to fine dining or home cooking where you can find endless food pairing combinations. It also can serve as a one of a kind gift to a loved one. Discover the sweet sensational taste of LXRY Tea and treat yourself with delight. Never settle for less. 

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